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I've always loved mini graphics, they use so little data yet they make us dream big.

Because of that I decided to do an 8x8 platformer tileset to help bring back the magic that NES and DoS games gave us.

This project is under active development.

Note: This asset pack includes much more than shown on the preview images. Also, the tileset preview is at 50% of the original size to avoid unauthorized use.

Included Biomes so far:
  • Underground Jungle [New!]
Biomes to be included:
  • Underground Desert, Underground Dungeon, Underground Water.
  • Depending on how good this asset goes I'm planning to include overworld biomes too!
The Underground Jungle Biome includes:
  • A Complete tileset to construct your world!
    • Includes walls, floor, ceiling, inner corners, outer corners.
    • Also includes stackable ladders and platforms.
  • Decorations to add charm to your world!
    • Over 60 decoration sprites.
  • 20 Food sprites.
  • Animated tiles:
    • Small Chest, Large Chest, Wall Torch, Waterfall, Sewage Outlet, Water Foam, Fly, Worm, Key, Coin, Heart.
Main Character Animations:
  • Idle, Run, Jump, Crouch, Ladder Climb, Wall Slide, Wall Jump, Melee Attack.
  • [Coming Soon TM] Ranged Attack, Ledge Grab.

If anyone have a suggestion, feature or anything else in mind just leave a comment, I'll be sure to read it and if possible include what you guys ask for.

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

[v1.1.1] [8x8 MPT] .rar 8 kB
[v1.1.2] [8x8 MPT] .rar 9 kB

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Looks absolutely amazing, I will have to check this out when I get the chance I would work great for my current project.

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I purchased it but your rar files refuses to unpack wathever unpacker i use?

I have windows 10.

Could you upload zip files?


Only seams to be latest winrar that managed to unpack for me ;)

tested 3 other apps Before that ?

Absolutely gorgeous looking!

Are the fireball/cannon/slime sprites supposed to be included?

Not for now, they are there for illustrative purposes, enemies will be included in future updates,



This looks very nice and I am interested in buying it, but I wonder what kind of timeline you have in place for your "coming soon" features.


Hi Ixtermanator, it highly depends on my work schedule, if you are asking for the character animations I have listed as [Coming Soon TM] I'm trying to have them done by next sunday.

If you are asking for the biomes I have listed as to be included, they should take about 2 weeks per biome, this set is not doing so good in sales to be honest, so I opted to spend about 8 hours weekly on developing new content for it for now.

Also, remember I'm taking suggestions about new content for this set, if you have anything in mind that may work for this set let me know, I may include it.




Hi Ixterminator, I just wanted to let you know I've updated the asset pack with a couple more animations for the main character: Melee Attack, Wall Slide and Wall Jump have been added.



Thanks for the update this will push it over the edge for me to get.

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*edit: Issue is fixed now, 10/10 would recommend this pack. 8x8 platformer tile sheets are hard to come by, this pack is great and dev responds fast. Can't wait for more additions!

In the screenshot you have things like hearts and ladders and water and stuff like that but after I purchased it I didn't see any of that in the sprite sheets?

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Hi JoeTheHunter, I checked the file and realized I made a mistake, I exported the underground jungle spritesheet at a reduced size of 50%, it's fixed now, feel free to re download the file. There are a couple of things like the blue wall tiles (They are a recolor of the grass tile) that you wont find on the spritesheet since they are placeholders that I intend to upgrade soon.

Let me know if you find any other mistake. or if you have any asset in mind that you want to be included on the tileset, since it's an active project I may include some suggestions.